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62-0100 GEM Runner Cleanroom Dispenser

Industries: Industrial , Medical Blades
SKU: 62-0100
SKU: 62-0100
SKU: 62-0100

This reloadable dispenser is for use with our GEM single edge blade refill cartridges: 62-0101, 62-0102, 62-103, 62-0105, 62-0106, 62-0107, 62-0109, 94-0449, 94-0500. Available in clean room ready packaging.

This dispenser system reduces waste and keeps production moving efficiently and safely. The simple design allows for a push of a button to empty the finished cartridge then the full cartridge can be slid back in with ease.

 To dispense a blade: Push button down and release slowly in one smooth motion. Keep your finger on the button until the blade spine is visible. Then remove the blade carefully.

Products specifications
Material Plastic
Dispensers per Case 5