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62-0103 GEM Cleanroom Single Edge Blade Refill Cartridge

Industry: Medical Blades
SKU: 62-0103
SKU: 62-0103
SKU: 62-0103

 This easy to reload refill cartridge comes with 100 premium 3 facet GEM single edge blades. The blades are carbon steel with a steel back. Each blade has not been degreased and is without a coated edge.

Designed specifically for use with the Gem Runner Dispenser 62-0100. Simple push and release buttons help empty the dispenser for easy reloading and a single button dispenses each single edge blade for use. 

Products specifications
Material Carbon Steel
Thickness .009"
Blades per Carton 100
Cartons per Case 10
Degreased No
Blade Edge 3 Facet
Coated Blade Edge No