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Extrusion Razor Blades

Extrusion Razor Blades, also called cutoff blades and tube cutting blades and knives, are used for the precision cutting of high performance tubing. This tubing is commonly used for various applications in the medical, laboratory and bio-pharmaceutical fields. The Razor Blade Company offers high quality industrial extrusion razors to fit your needs. Our blades will help you to cut soft and rigid profiles in plastic, rubber and several other applications.

Our blades are made of stainless steel, giving them providing adequate corrosion resistance and wear resistance to increase the life and edge retention of the product.

Common Extrusion Applications

Some of the more common extrusion applications that our extrusion blades and knives are used for include:

  • Plastic extrusion cutoff: extruded plastic material is cut to length post-manufacturing.
  • Guillotine cutters & shears: the cutting of various non-woven products such as paper, large film, foil, are cut into smaller parts.
  • Rotary tub cutoff: rotating blades are used to cut plastic, metal or rubber tubing.

In addition to our listed products, we offer custom options for our extrusion blades to ensure that we give you the best tools possible. Call our razor blade specialists at 310-452-1034 and get your extrusion razors today!