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Buying Razor Blades in Bulk

           What does it mean to buy razor blades in bulk? The razor blade co. sells products in cartons, cases, and bulk cartons. For resellers, we recommend purchasing blades sold in cases instead of bulk.  In cases, blades are usually individually wrapped and in many instances the razor blades are packaged 100 blades at a time.  These cartons are placed in a case usually containing 10-50 which is ideal for resellers.  The case and carton packaging is great for getting excellent prices on your razor blades when buying the case, while getting the small cartons which at times are brightly colored and well suited for retail.  

Buy Single Edge Razor Blades in Bulk          On the other hand, bulk packaging means that the blades are unwrapped and are not separated in small cartons; all the blades are bundled in one box. Bulk packages are ideal for factory and warehouse use where there is no need to pay for excess packaging.  Buy razor blades in bulk when you will be going through many blades.  Because bulk razor blades are usually not individually wrapped, users should be sure to have adequate safety procedures in place in order to ensure safe handling procedures.

           Sometimes customers requesting to buy razor blades in bulk are simply asking for large quantity discounts on razor blades.  The Razor Blade Company is set up to ship orders from small to large.  If you are looking for discounts for buying razor blades in bulk, look at our case pricing or call us for an individual quote based on your requirements.  We can set up a blanket order or regular purchasing schedule for your company upon request, ship pallets, or deliver freight internationally.  At the Razor Blade Company you will get the same quality of blades at a cheaper price when ordering your products in bulk.  We are always happy to offer discounts on bulk purchases, simply let us know the products and quantities you are interested in and we will have a custom price quote for you within 24 hours.