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Corporate Membership

The Razor Blade Company’s Corporate Membership

At the Razor Blade Company, we value our customers and the business they bring to us and do our best to ensure that our customers have the best experience possible. We pride ourselves on our ability to assist customers before, during, and after the point of sale, being as efficient as possible to get you the products you need in the time that you need it.

Now, we are offering a new way to make sure you get the products you need, when you need them, and in the quantity that you need. A corporate membership with the Razor Blade Company makes it easier than ever to order and receive your high-quality razor blades and knife blades.

How does the Corporate Membership Work?

By registering for our corporate membership program, you will receive several benefits that will reward your loyalty to the Razor Blade Company by greatly enhancing your experience buying razor blades.

Corporate Membership Benefits

The benefits of our corporate membership include:

  • Same-day shipping on in stock orders noon PST deadline will be extending to 5:00 PM EST / 2:00 PM PST
  • Corporate discounts based on volume and/or frequency of purchase
  • Flexible blanket orders
  • Automatic Releases
  • NET 30 Terms
  • Free shipping on large volume orders – subject to review and approval.
  • 2 months of inventory overstock on blanket orders to prevent any unforeseen supply chain breaks.

Call us today at 310-452-1034 and one of our expert team members will get your corporate membership set up!