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Cheap Hobby Blades

When you are looking to buy hobby blades it is important to search for good quality blades, in the right variety of shapes, and with a low price per blade.  The Razor Blade Company sells hobby blades in bulk packs of 1000, smaller units of 100 blades, and tubes of 15-25 blades for the recreation hobby enthusiast.  We also offer the appropriate handles for the varied sizes of hobby blades in both aluminum and in a smooth grip model with a plastic cap. 

Our hobby blades undergo the same rigorous process of heat treatments, honing, and quality testing that all our of industrial blades go through.  This ensures consistent quality between batches.  All of our hobby blades are made with carbon steel with the exception of our 11-200 stainless steel number eleven hobby blade.  Because hobby blades are affordably priced at our store, carbon steel is the ideal construction to get the maximum sharpness out of each cut, before changing out the blade for a fresh working edge. 

We also sell a box kit that offers a selection of several hobby blade shapes and sizes as well as two handles.  This kit allows you to experiment with the different types of hobby blades so you can find the design best suited for your work.  We can also help you find the hobby blade you are looking for if you send us a picture or sketch of the blade shape.  Dimensions of most hobby blades are also available upon request.