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Comparing Scalpel Blades and Hobby Blades

The Razor Blade Company provides high quality scalpel blades also called contour blades for use outside of the traditional surgical field.  Contour blades are an excellent choice for cutting tasks that require extreme precision and sharpness.  Our contour blades are sold as blades only with the option of purchasing surgical stainless steel handles, or mounted on disposable plastic handles for single-use applications. 


Contour blades are similar to hobby blades in that they are hand-cutting blades mounted on a handle for precise work.  Furthermore, many of the shapes of the contour blades correspond with hobby blades in their reference number.  Contour blades, however, are mounted on surgical handles, which are flat, lightweight handles often made of stainless steel or nickel steel with a raised metal grip.  Hobby handles are round in shape, constructed of aluminum or with a soft rubber grip.  The mounting surface or cut-out for hobby blades and contour blades have a different shape due to the different handle types.  When purchasing hobby or contour blade handles, please note which blade sizes work for your handle.  Contour blades are usually made of stainless steel and are sharper than the traditional hobby blade that is made from carbon steel.  Please note the specific blade construction of your blade before purchase.  


Our most common surgical blade is the 87-0111 No. 11 Contour Blade, which is the scalpel counterpart to our top selling No. 11 Hobby Blade.  The popular number 11 shape features a triangular blade with a sharp point and a flat cutting edge parallel to the handle.  The number 11 contour blade is excellent for precision cutting, stripping, and sharp angle cuts.  We also feature the 87-0511 Long Nose Contour Blades, which is the same general blade shape as the No. 11 Contour Blades, except these blades have a longer tip useful for cutting and maneuvering in small spaces.


The number 11 hobby blade is sold in three different SKUs at The Razor Blade Co.  Item 11-100 is the standard carbon steel number 11 hobby blade packaged 100 blades per box, 10 boxes per case.  The packaging for this blade is useful when distributing the razors across your production floor or for reselling in small quantities.  The 11-100 hobby blade can be purchased by quantities of 100 blades each at just $11.00 for 100 blades.*  The number 11-101 hobby blade is the exact same blade, packed with 1000 pieces in a single long case.  This bulk version of packaging is more cost efficient at $95.00 for 1000 blades and great for companies who use large quantities of this useful blade.  The third variation of our number 11 hobby blade, the 11-200, is unique in that it is a no. 11 hobby blade constructed out of stainless steel and is sold a quantity of 1000 blade case for $137.00. 


*$50 minimum order policy applies.