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Hobby Blades

Number 11 Hobby Blade              Hobby blades are ideal for use in a variety of applications where accurate cuts are required. Each blade has its own distinctive shape designed for different aspects of  cutting, scoring, trimming wood, clay, wax, leather and stenciling paper.  At The Razor Blade Co. we carry a range of hobby blades from light duty carbon steel blades to medium and heavy duty carbon steel blades.  We also offer some blades in stainless steel; we can also do custom stainless steel hobby blades upon request.

 Our most common hobby blades sold are the# 11 hobby blades, which are the same shape as an exacto knife, and are mainly used for intricate hand trimming and precise cuts. These blades are ideal for do-it-yourself arts and crafts projects, scrap-booking enthusiasts, artists and model builders. These blades are also popular in industrial uses where precision cutting is required.  Other frequently purchased hobby blades are the Stencil Edge Blade which is a small hobby blade used for trimming and scoring.  Our Whittling Blade is best used for trimming, cutting foam, linoleum, plastic, wood and rubber. Our hobby blades are usually packaged per hundred blades or in smaller quantity tubes, while some bulk packs offer 1000 hobby blades per pack.

                 Aluminum Hobby Handle

We also carry an assortment of hobby blade handles, from simple aluminum handles to our comfortable soft grip handles which include one number 11 blade and safety cap each. Our No. 2 Aluminum hobby blade handle fits # 18, 19, 22 & 24 hobby blades. The No. 1 Aluminum hobby handle and Sure Grip Hobby Handle fit # 10, 11, 16 & 17 hobby blades.

Our hobby blades are priced at wholesale prices excellent for reselling and always a great deal.  Hobby Blades represent highly requested customer favorite and are confident you will be pleased with the quality of our hobby blades. If you are unsure what hobby blade is best for your application, please call as (310) 452-1034 or email us at and one of representatives will gladly assist you.