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Number 11 Razor Blades

          The No. 11 Hobby Blade is perhaps the most well known of all hobby blades.  Most people think of the #11 blade as the X-ACTO blade.  X-ACTO popularized this precision cutting blade shape by first marketing to the medical industry in 1917, and later expanding its market to hobby enthusiasts as a retouching knife.  If you are looking for the traditional X-ACTO knife, you will be satisfied to find our reasonably priced number 11 hobby blades in hundred packs as well as in bulk cases of 1000 blades.  While number 11 razor blades are usually designed from carbon steel, we also offer stainless steel #11 hobby blades for users looking for this high grade metal.  One of our most popular products, customers come back to the No. 11 blade time and time again because of its simple, well designed shape that allows for accurate cutting every time.  Such a versatile blades, the number eleven razor blades are used by hobby enthusiasts and factories alike.  

                                         Number 11 Hobby Blade with Hobby Handle

                We sell three different hobby handles for the #11 hobby blade.  Our first handle is made completely out of aluminum with no plastic parts and an aluminum four jaw chuck to hold your blade in place.  This hobby handle holds a variety of small hobby blade types, making it a versatile, long lasting handle.  Our other two hobby handles come with one number 11 razor blade pre-positioned in the handle and a plastic safety cap.  Our black sure grip handle provides a cushioned grip for comfort and also fits hobby blades numbers 10, 11, 16, & 17.  Our multicolored grip hobby handles come in blue, red, yellow, and green.  Each of the multicolored hobby handles is displayed on a card for retail sales.