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Purchasing from a Distributor vs. Manufacturer

In the distributor vs. manufacturer debate,  the distributor will be the most attractive option in most cases due to a variety of reasons.

Most companies seek the services of a manufacturer to have something custom-made, for example, packaging or a specially sized part, or some custom design work. This type of work is where manufacturers excel because they tend to focus on the creation of something rather than the sale of a product.   
A distributor focuses on the selling of goods rather than their production.  You can feel confident that a distributor is more customer-focused, and they will provide you better shipping times, and more reasonable pricing. A distributor can help you meet your sales goals, for example, a distributor understands that you need to get product quickly to make it available to your end customer fast and at the best price possible.
Another benefit of working with distributors is that they tend to offer low minimums for wholesale orders, which is quite different from most manufacturers.  A manufacturer usually makes a sample of a product and then requires a large order of that item to justify the cost to create the product. Large quantity orders are not a concern when using a distributor because order minimums are usually much lower. Also, most distributor locations tend to be more local, making it more convenient and quicker to receive deliveries.
Moreover, a distributor has access to multiple manufacturers and products. This is the best situation for the customer because they will be provided a solution that best fits their needs instead of being offered a single solution by a manufacturer. In this particular scenario, the distributor shines by providing better sales support and flexibility.
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