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Top 5 for Under $5: Grab-and-Go Retail picks for Janitorial and Hardware Supply Stores

Impulse buys are a staple of any retail store, whether it’s gum by the register or a magazine with a grabbing headline.  Impulse buys in hardware shops and janitorial supply stores seek both to offer small sized “buy me!” deals as well as to allow customers to try new products and hopefully come back for the full case.   The Razor Blade Co. sells wholesale industrial razor blades and cutting tools while also featuring items packaged for grab-and-go retail. Here is a countdown of some of our top choices of go-to items to keep stocked near the register:

Metal Safery Scraper

5.  Our metal safety scrapers are sold in units of one hundred scrapers, but are handy tools that stand-alone.  These all-purpose scrapers are retractable and use the traditional single edge razor blade, something the customer probably already has.  The metal design is sturdy and well built to easily change out blades while holding up to heavy duty scraping tasks.  A great product to keep in a bin so they can test out the locking mechanism and grab some to go.



Plastic Scraper Blade4. Our plastic scraper is the counterpart to the metal safety scraper.  These plastic scrapers and sold in boxes that pop open ready for retail.  Each mini scraper comes with a single blade and holder suitable to cleaning and scraping surfaces where metal would scratch.  Un-stick old gum, bird droppings, paint and stickers with this handy tool.  The plastic refill blades can also be sold in hundred packs for when customers come back for more.


3.  Utility knifes are easy to lose but handy to have around.  Feature some inexpensive but well made utility knives such as our die cast utility knife for quick replacements on the go.  Fully retractable and lockable for safety, the knife also features blade storage in the handle. 

2.  Breakaway knives or snap-off knives are another handy cutting tool.  Our brightly colored and individually wrapped snap-off tools are feature in both 13 pt and 8 pt models.  The plastic knives are inexpensive so while they can be re-filled, it’s easy to grab a new knife when your old one is done.


Single Edge Blades in Dispenser

1.  Finally these handy 10 pack dispensers of GEM razor blades are perfect for customers who just need a quick refill of single edge blades.  Featuring our stainless steel uncoated razors, the quality of the blade will not disappoint.  These handy little dispensers are safe to use and convenient to buy.


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