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Value Brand Razor Blades

The Razor Blade Company has recently added a new line of razor blades to our existing product line: Value Brand Razor Blades.  This new economy line of single edge razors and utility blades offers a new edge for customers reselling our blades who need a competitive price or for customers using our blades for other non-precise uses where a value blade will do the job best.  If you have been looking for cheap, dependable razor blades, these blades will be perfect for you.

Traditionally, we ensure that all of our carbon steel razors are made using high quality 1095 Carbon S
teel and that all blades are stropped to provide a clean blade edge and remove any blade residue or particles.  With our new line of low priced razors, we have substituted in 1074 Carbon Steel and taken out the extra step of stropping the blade in order to significantly drop the prices of these blades.  Many applications, such as  such as scrapping, drywall, box cutting and more, do not require high quality steel or stropped blades.  For these basic applications, a low cost razor blade is really the best tool to get the job done. 

Each single edge razor blade is still individually wrapped and packaged in easy to use plastic clamshells.  You can buy these blades per hundred blades, or buy a case of 5000 blades to get the best price.  The utility blades are also 1075 Carbon Steel and unstropped blades packaged in a safety dispenser, and sold by 100 blades or by 1000 blades for a price break.

We have four different configurations of our Value Single Edge Razor Blades and one version of the Value Utility Blade for you to try: