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Cleanroom Blade Solutions

 With precious little time and so many options, choosing the right blades for your cleanroom application needs a reliable solution. Keeping productivity and safety in mind the Razor Blade Company sources the sharpest industrial blades available, degreased and washed for cleanroom processes, and at the quality medical & cleanroom manufacturers demand. Our selection offers blades tested and proven for sharpness, durability, and reliable performance.

The foundation of the quality can be found within the design of the blades and accessories we source. This means blades are designed with steady edges and grinds, free of dips and pullouts. Blades are available in a 3-Facet edge for the most precise and sharpest cut or a 2-Facet edge for maximum durability and a balance of sharpness and life. Accessories like well-designed dispensers help streamline the production process while providing safety for technicians, greatly reducing time and hand injuries.  
Cleanroom blades fit a variety of industrial and medical applications such as: clean bag processing, cutting of catheter, heat shrink or pebax tubing and cleaning the UV light wand. In an ever-developing industry you need a partner who will innovate so you don’t have to. That is why the Razor Blade Company continues to partner with industry leaders keeping our customers at the cutting edge of blade technology.