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How to Choose the Right Single Edge Razor Blade

There are many single edge razor blades out there and we understand that the options can be overwhelming.  We are always happy to walk through your specific usage needs with you on the phone, but here is also a quick do-it-yourself guide to choosing the right single edge razor blade for your business.

Start with the Basics:
If you are starting out fresh and need to choose a basic, popular, do-it-all razor blade we suggest starting with our 94-0186 Premium Razor Blade.  A carbon Steel blade with an aluminum backing, this blade is consistently our top selling single edge razor for its value price and uncompromising high quality.  Companies that chose this blade include manufacturing facilities, tint shops, wallpapering, janitorial, etc.

Double your Sharpness:
For customers who like our basic blade but want an even sharper cut, we recommend stepping up to our extra keen razor blade.  Our 94-307 is still made with carbon steel, but sent through the honing process twice for an even sharper blade.  Customers will often start with our basic Premium Razor and then swap over to this blade when they find they need that extra push.  Extra keen, double honed, and extra sharp all mean the same thing for our blades.

Ultra Fine Cuts:

Some of our customers find that Stainless Steel blades are the best option for their business.  Stainless Steel is a more malleable metal than carbon steel.  What this means for you is an even sharper first cut, but a slightly quicker dulling process than with carbon steel.  Our stainless steel blades come coated for reduced friction, or uncoated in uses where extra grease would be a problem, such as paper cutting.  Stainless Steel is not the right option for everyone, but when your work calls for super precise cuts such that even an extra sharp carbon steel blade won't suffice, try our two stainless options!

Heavy Duty Jobs:
Sometimes customers require one of two types of extra duty razor blades.  Either a heavy duty backing made of stainless steel or an extra thick razor blade .012" thick instead of the standard .09" thick.  Customers choose the stainless steel backed razor blades when they find that the traditional aluminum backed blades are bending in use.  Customers opt for .012" thick razor blades when they need a thicker blade for cutting, or need it to fit in a tool or machine for that size blade.

Economy Options:

All of our carbon steel razor blades are stropped and honed and made of 1095 class Carbon Steel.  These processes add to the quality, but also the cost of our razor blades.  Recently, we have added a line of less expensive razor blades made with 1074 steel and unstropped, for budget jobs where blade quality is not the number one factor.  If the price is your main deciding factor, con
sider some of the different economy blades we sell.  We offer several different economy blades in order to cover different uses and different businesses.

Special Circumstances and Clean Room Blades:
Some customers require blades certified for clean rooms with various requirements.  We proudly offer several cleanroom blades suitable for different cleanroom environments certified for ISO 14611-1 Standards Class 3 through 8.  These blades offer features such as 10 pack dispensers of blades in order to eliminate the fibers present from the traditional cardboard wrapping around blades.  We also offer a pop-up dispenser that allows a single-handed approach to grabbing a new blade from a secure dispenser.  These types of blades are used in various sterile environments and are popular among customers using blades for catheter cutting.