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62-0165 GEM Extra Sharp Coated Single Edge Blade

SKU: 62-0178
SKU: 62-0165-CTN
SKU: 62-0165-CS

These Extra Sharp Coated GEM single edge blades are part of our premium single edge blade line. These blades are PTFE coated to reduce friction, allowing for a better cut and a longer lasting edge. The 62-0165/SKU: 62-0178 razor blades are always made from high quality stainless steel with aluminum backing. These single edge blades are a favorite among customers who want the benefits of a stainless steel razor blade. Also, these blades excel at cutting epoxies. Each shipped blade is protected in shelling paper.

Products specifications
Blade Edge 3 Facet
Spine Aluminum
Material Stainless Steel
Blades per Carton 100
Cartons per Case 50
Blades per Case 5000
Length 1.50"
Height .75"
Thickness .009"