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Choose from Roofing blades, Carpet blades, and more industrial strength razor blades for construction work. Find Utility blades and Single Edge blades for reliable performance on the job site.  

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Personna 61-0021 Single Bevel aka Chisel Edge Trimmer Blade - 100 Blades

Single Notch with Single bevel edge profile

100YE SCRAPERITE Plastic Double Edge Razor - 100 Blades

Most rigid material, mainly for use on hard, flat surface

2XYE Plastic Double Edge Razor - 100 Blades

Most sturdy with multi-purpose design

100OR SCRAPERITE Plastic Double Edge General Purpose - 100 Blades

Softest material, very pliable and forgiving

100BL SCRAPERITE Plastic Double Edge Polycarbonate Razor - 100 Blades

Medium compound, still pliable yet durable

50-SCR SCRAPERITE Plastic Scraper - 50 Scrapers

All-in-one handle plus plastic blade combination ready to go!

SCRAPERITE Plastic Scraper 4 inch wide (5 extra blades)

Scrape and clean FAST with the extra wide 4 inch blades and handle

61-0019 .015'' Personna Slotted Double Edge Round Corners Carpet Blade

Proudly made in the USA! High Quality and Long Life!