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100YE SCRAPERITE Plastic Double Edge Razor - 100 Blades

Most rigid material, mainly for use on hard, flat surface

The double edge scrapers are a handy tool for scraping and cleaning painted surfaces, glass, soft metals, fiberglass and other surfaces that a metal scraping tool might damage. 100 blades are included in attractively wrapped clamshell packaging for retail.These Acrylic plastic blades are best suited for cleaning hard flat surfaces like:

  • Windows
  • Metals
  • Rigid Surgaces
  • Granite, Marble
  • Unfinished wood

*For best results apply solvent or water to the surface and scrape using mild pressure.

Products specifications
Material Plastic
Material Acrylic
Blades per Carton 100
Length 1.50"
Height .25"
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