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J4-1776 All-American Single Edge Blade - 100 Pack

SKU: J4-1776

The All-American .009" Single Edge Blade is our latest product, luanched in 2020, with all materials and manufacturing orginating from the USA, including the box!

We guarantee this blade's consistent quality and performance. Constructed with American steel, this blade has slightly less flex than standard baldes and a longer lasting edge. Ideal for both cutting and scraping applications. Fits all standard single edge blade knvies and tools. Individually wrapped for safety. A great value for anyone looking to improve costs and blade performance while supporting US manufacturing and US Steel industries.

Products specifications
Material Carbon Steel
Thickness .009"
Blades per Carton 100
Spine Steel
Blade Edge 2 Facet
Length 1.50"
Height .75"
Blades per Carton 100
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