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01-331 13 Point Breakaway Blade

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Industries: Janitorial , Automotive
SKU: 01-331
SKU: 01-331-CTN
SKU: 01-331-CS
This 13 point breakaway blade fits all standard breakaway or "snap off" 9mm knives.  Breakaway blades allow users to snap off a portion of the blade as one cutting surface becomes dull, to reveal a fresh, sharp cutting surface.  Breakaway blades are usually used in Breakaway Knives or Snap Off Knives, also available for sale.  Breakaway blades can be used as utility knives and stored in your pocket for easy use on the go.
Products specifications
Material Carbon Steel
Thickness .017"
Blades per Carton 100
Cartons per Case 10
Length 3.5"
Height .375"
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