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Top 10 Most Popular Razor Blades

The Razor Blade Co. is pleased to offer high quality razor blades at competitive prices in our line of industrial cutting tools and bulk personal shaving. We've complied a list of our top ten most popular products, favorites among our customers across America and internationally:

94-0186 Single Edge Blade
The Razor Blade Co.'s most popular single edge razor blade is our 94-0186 single edge blade.  These blades are constructed with premium quality carbon steel and are fitted with an aluminum back to avoid rust. With a thickness of .009'' these blades fit most standard single edge razor blade tools. Each shipped blade is protected in shelling paper for safe handling and rust protection. These blades are our most practical and economical option for single edge razor blades.

11-100 No. 11 Hobby Blade
These universal #11 hobby blades, also known as x acto blades, fit with standard art and hobby knives/handles.  These blades are suitable for both industrial uses and hobby uses.  The number 11 hobby blade's classic xacto blade shape allows for uses in many applications demanding precision.

87-0511 No. 11 SS Long Contour Blade
Our number 11 contour blades are non-sterile and not for surgical use.  These stainless steel #11 contour blades have a long point and are great for making precision cuts that require the added strength of stainless steel.

33-0365 Premium Twin Blade Disposable Razor
Our premium platinum twin blade disposable razors come packaged in bulk.  Designed with a pivot head, lube strip, and safety cap, they are the perfect blade to purchase in bulk without compromising function.  These disposable razor blades serve many customers' needs; they are used for hospitality as well as institutional needs. 

87-0111 No. 11 SS Contour Blade
These number 11 contour blades are also non-sterile and not suitable for surgical use.  The 87-0111 #11 stainless steel contour blades are great for making precision cuts.  With its thin design and stainless steel construction, these surgical blades can tackle standard to specialty blade jobs.  The same shape as the 87-0511, these contour blades have a slightly shorter blade length.

62-0167 Gem Extra Sharp Uncoated Single Edge Blade
These Extra Sharp Uncoated GEM single edge blades are part of our premium single edge blade line.  The stainless steel construction of these single edge razor blades, make them stand out in their class.  These industrial razor blades can be used in many applications with a variety of standard blade tools. Each shipped blade is protected in shelling paper in order to keep each blade in optimal condition.

62-0165 GEM Extra Sharp Coated Single Edge Blade
These Extra Sharp Coated GEM single edge blades are the sister of the 62-0167 in our premium single edge blade line. These industrial blades are PTFE coated to reduce friction, allowing for a better cut and a longer lasting edge.  These single edge blades can be used in many applications with a variety of standard blade tools. Each shipped blade is individually wrapped for safe handling.

94-200 Heavy Duty Economy Single Edge Blades
The Razor Blade Co.'s heavy duty carbon steel single edge blades are fitted with a steel back and can be used in many applications with a variety of standard blade tools. Equipped with a steel back to deal with added stress, these blades offer an excellent solution to heavy duty blade jobs.

89-0043 Coated Injector Blade with Dispenser
Our Coated Platinum Chrome injector razor blades come with an easy to use dispenser for safe handling and dispensing. Dispensers can aid in keeping handlers safer and allow for easy storage and distribution across a factory.  The each dispenser is packaged on a card for excellent retail presentation. The Razor Blade Co. sells injector blades both in dispensers and in bulk to suit your preference. 

311721 Twin Blade Bulk Disposable Razor

Our twin blade disposable razors are packaged in bulk and have a fixed head are colored light blue and come with safety caps.  Perfect for customers who require a bulk alternative to buying shaving razor blades.  These blades are suited for hospitality and institutional uses.  Another alternative to the 33-0365 Premium Twin Blade Razor.

Still can't decide?  If you need help choosing the right razor blade for your application, call one of our helpful customer service representatives at (310) 452-1034 today.  Representatives are available Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm.