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No. 12 Sterile Stainless Steel Surgical Blade - 100 Blades per Carton

Industry: Medical
SKU: 0112S

These size 12 stainless steel blades are manufactured of high grade British surgical steel, resulting in exceptional durability and sharpness. Blades are packaged 100 per carton, individually wrapped in an easy to use peel open package. Used for making surgical incisions. Sample procedures include:

  • Arteriotomies - surgical incision of an artery
  • Parotid surgeries - facial salivary glands
  • Mucosal cuts on a septoplasty - repair of nasal septum
  • Ureterolithotomies - calculus removal by incision of the ureter
  • Pyelolithotomies - surgical incision of the renal pelvis of a kidney for the removal of a kidney stone
  • Dental surgery
Products specifications
Material Stainless Steel
Sterile Yes