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62-0180 Unwrapped Degreased Coated Stainless Steel Single Edge Razor Blade - 115 Pack

Industries: Industrial , Medical Blades
SKU: 62-0180
SKU: 62-0180
SKU: 62-0180

These unwrapped, degreased, and PTFE coated single edge razor blades are perfect for catheter and other medical manufacturing cutting needs. To save time and limit particulates these blades come unwrapped and degreased ready to be used on the production line. The sharp stainless steel and 3-Facet edge with PTFE coating design extend blade life for many precise cuts. More affordable than blades that come packaged in dispensers- these blades are the best option when efficiency and cost reduction are your main production goals. 

Products specifications
Degreased Yes
Blades per Carton 115
Cartons per Case 50
Blades per Case 5750
Material Stainless Steel
Blade Edge 3 Facet
Coated Blade Edge Yes
Spine Aluminum
Length 1.50"
Height .75"
Thickness .009"