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60-0139 Personna Stainless Steel Double Edge Blade

Industries: Bakery , Barber Blades , Industrial
SKU: 60-0139
SKU: 60-0139-CTN
SKU: 60-0139 CS
These Personna high chrome stainless steel double edge blades are individually wrapped and sold in convenient units of 250 blades per carton, with 20 cartons per case for high volume usage. These stainless steel blades are made in the USA and individually wrapped for safe and clean handling.  Our double edge blades are favored by bakers for scoring bread and can be used with our #17-001 Baker's Lames. Additionally, the blades can be used with vibratory microtomes like Vibratome, PELCO easiSlicer, & Microslicer. Made in USA.


Products specifications
Material Stainless Steel
Thickness .004"
Blades per Carton 250
Cartons per Case 20
Blades per Case 5000
Length 1.50"
Height .75"
Coated Blade Edge Yes