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Reloadable Cleanroom-ready Pop-up Blade Dispenser Launches!

The Razor Blade Co. is pleased to announce the launch of the newest workstation product on the market - the GEM RUNNER™ Reloadable Safety Single-Edge Blade Dispenser, a one of a kind tool that streamlines cutting operations at the touch of a button. And it’s the only reloadable pop-up blade dispenser available today!





The GEM RUNNER™ is purpose-built to increase line productivity without compromising safety. But, the benefits don’t stop there. This new design efficiently minimizes waste with a reloadable dispenser that does not need to be thrown out after the blades run out. Simply, slide the empty cartridge out, and the full cartridge slides right in. Furthermore, there are now a total of 9 blade options available for the reloadable dispenser giving our customers a wider range of cleanroom-ready cutting options.   

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How to Choose the Right Single Edge Razor Blade

There are many single edge razor blades out there and we understand that the options can be overwhelming.  We are always happy to walk through your specific usage needs with you on the phone, but here is also a quick do-it-yourself guide to choosing the right single edge razor blade for your business.

Start with the Basics:
If you are starting out fresh and need to choose a basic, popular, do-it-all razor blade we suggest starting with our 94-0186 Premium Razor Blade.  A carbon Steel blade with an aluminum backing, this blade is consistently our top selling single edge razor for its value price and uncompromising high quality.  Companies that chose this blade include manufacturing facilities, tint shops, wallpapering, janitorial, etc.

Double your Sharpness:
For customers who like our basic blade but want an even sharper cut, we recommend stepping up to our extra keen razor blade.  Our 94-307 is still made with carbon steel, but sent through the honing process twice for an even sharper blade.  Customers will often start with our basic Premium Razor and then swap over to this blade when they find they need that extra push.  Extra keen, double honed, and extra sharp all mean the same thing for our blades.

Ultra Fine Cuts:

Some of our customers find that Stainless Steel blades are the best option for their business.  Stainless Steel is a more malleable metal than carbon steel.  What this means for you is an even sharper first cut, but a slightly quicker dulling process than with carbon steel.  Our stainless steel blades come coated for reduced friction, or uncoated in uses where extra grease would be a problem, such as paper cutting.  Stainless Steel is not the right option for everyone, but when your work calls for super precise cuts such that even an extra sharp carbon steel blade won't suffice, try our two stainless options!

Heavy Duty Jobs:
Sometimes customers require one of two types of extra duty razor blades.  Either a heavy duty backing made of stainless steel or an extra thick razor blade .012" thick instead of the standard .09" thick.  Customers choose the stainless steel backed razor blades when they find that the traditional aluminum backed blades are bending in use.  Customers opt for .012" thick razor blades when they need a thicker blade for cutting, or need it to fit in a tool or machine for that size blade.

Economy Options:

All of our carbon steel razor blades are stropped and honed and made of 1095 class Carbon Steel.  These processes add to the quality, but also the cost of our razor blades.  Recently, we have added a line of less expensive razor blades made with 1074 steel and unstropped, for budget jobs where blade quality is not the number one factor.  If the price is your main deciding factor, con
sider some of the different economy blades we sell.  We offer several different economy blades in order to cover different uses and different businesses.

Special Circumstances and Clean Room Blades:
Some customers require blades certified for clean rooms with various requirements.  We proudly offer several cleanroom blades suitable for different cleanroom environments certified for ISO 14611-1 Standards Class 3 through 8.  These blades offer features such as 10 pack dispensers of blades in order to eliminate the fibers present from the traditional cardboard wrapping around blades.  We also offer a pop-up dispenser that allows a single-handed approach to grabbing a new blade from a secure dispenser.  These types of blades are used in various sterile environments and are popular among customers using blades for catheter cutting.

Value Brand Razor Blades

The Razor Blade Company has recently added a new line of razor blades to our existing product line: Value Brand Razor Blades.  This new economy line of single edge razors and utility blades offers a new edge for customers reselling our blades who need a competitive price or for customers using our blades for other non-precise uses where a value blade will do the job best.  If you have been looking for cheap, dependable razor blades, these blades will be perfect for you.

Traditionally, we ensure that all of our carbon steel razors are made using high quality 1095 Carbon S
teel and that all blades are stropped to provide a clean blade edge and remove any blade residue or particles.  With our new line of low priced razors, we have substituted in 1074 Carbon Steel and taken out the extra step of stropping the blade in order to significantly drop the prices of these blades.  Many applications, such as  such as scrapping, drywall, box cutting and more, do not require high quality steel or stropped blades.  For these basic applications, a low cost razor blade is really the best tool to get the job done. 

Each single edge razor blade is still individually wrapped and packaged in easy to use plastic clamshells.  You can buy these blades per hundred blades, or buy a case of 5000 blades to get the best price.  The utility blades are also 1075 Carbon Steel and unstropped blades packaged in a safety dispenser, and sold by 100 blades or by 1000 blades for a price break.

We have four different configurations of our Value Single Edge Razor Blades and one version of the Value Utility Blade for you to try: 

Why Choose The Razor Blade Co?

We know that our customers have many choices when it comes to purchasing razor blade, utility knives, and shaving blades – so why choose us?  The Razor Blade Co. works to fulfill 3 objectives with every order and every customer.  Excellent selection of high quality products, superior customer service, and discount prices.


If you are looking to buy our most common blade, the single edge razor blade, your options are varied.  You can choose between carbon steel and stainless steel blades, aluminum or stainless steel backings, and a variety of thicknesses.  If these choices seem overwhelming, we are happy to recommend popular blades or blades favored by people in your industry.  We are also able to send samples of almost every blade we sell.  We know that each of our customers has a specific use and requirements for their razor blades, and want you to order only the blades that work for you.  You do not need to have an open account with us in order to receive samples – just give us a call and we will create a personalized estimate and send over sample razor blades directly to you. 


In our custom estimates for your razor blade purchase, we can also work with you on pricing to give you the most competitive price quote available.  We sell to the general public as well as to other resellers of razor blades and cutting knives.  If you are interested in purchasing large quantities of razor blades for resale, give us a call and we will supply bulk discount pricing to allow you to stay competitive. 


Our selection of razors and wholesale pricing would be inefficient if not for our excellent sales and customer service team.  When you place an order online with The Razor Blade Co., you will receive an email confirmation of your product shipment within 24 hours of your order.  If your items are backordered and unavailable for immediate shipment, we will give you a call or send you an email with the specific details of your when your order will be available to ship. 


Thanks for choosing The Razor Blade Company!

Comparing Scalpel Blades and Hobby Blades

The Razor Blade Company provides high-quality scalpel blades also called contour blades for use outside of the traditional surgical field.  Contour blades are an excellent choice for cutting tasks that require extreme precision and sharpness.  Our contour blades are sold as blades only with the option of purchasing surgical stainless steel handles or mounted on disposable plastic handles for single-use applications. 


Contour blades are similar to hobby blades in that they are hand-cutting blades mounted on a handle for precise work.  Furthermore, many of the shapes of the contour blades correspond with hobby blades in their reference number.  Contour blades, however, are mounted on surgical handles, which are flat, lightweight handles often made of stainless steel or nickel steel with a raised metal grip.  Hobby handles are round in shape, constructed of aluminum or with a soft rubber grip.  The mounting surface or cut-out for hobby blades and contour blades have a different shape due to the different handle types.  When purchasing hobby or contour blade handles, please note which blade sizes work for your handle.  Contour blades are usually made of stainless steel and are sharper than the traditional hobby blade that is made from carbon steel.  Please note the specific blade construction of your blade before purchase.  


Our most common surgical blade is the 87-0111 No. 11 Contour Blade, which is the scalpel counterpart to our top selling No. 11 Hobby Blade.  The popular number 11 shape features a triangular blade with a sharp point and a flat cutting edge parallel to the handle.  The number 11 contour blade is excellent for precision cutting, stripping, and sharp angle cuts.  We also feature the 87-0511 Long Nose Contour Blades, which is the same general blade shape as the No. 11 Contour Blades, except these blades, have a longer tip useful for cutting and maneuvering in small spaces.


The number 11 hobby blade is sold in three different SKUs at The Razor Blade Co.  Item 11-100 is the standard carbon steel number 11 hobby blade packaged 100 blades per box, 10 boxes per case.  The packaging for this blade is useful when distributing the razors across your production floor or for reselling in small quantities.  The 11-100 hobby blade can be purchased by quantities of 100 blades each at just $11.00 for 100 blades.*  The number 11-101 hobby blade is the exact same blade, packed with 1000 pieces in a single long case.  This bulk version of packaging is more cost-efficient at $95.00 for 1000 blades and great for companies who use large quantities of this useful blade.  The third variation of our number 11 hobby blade, the 11-200, is unique in that it is a no. 11 hobby blade constructed out of stainless steel and is sold a quantity of 1000 blade case for $193.99. 


Cheap Hobby Blades

When you are looking to buy hobby blades it is important to search for good quality blades, in the right variety of shapes, and with a low price per blade.  The Razor Blade Company sells hobby blades in bulk packs of 1000, smaller units of 100 blades, and tubes of 15-25 blades for the recreation hobby enthusiast.  We also offer the appropriate handles for the varied sizes of hobby blades in both aluminum and in a smooth grip model with a plastic cap. 

Our hobby blades undergo the same rigorous process of heat treatments, honing, and quality testing that all our of industrial blades go through.  This ensures consistent quality between batches.  All of our hobby blades are made with carbon steel with the exception of our 11-200 stainless steel number eleven hobby blade.  Because hobby blades are affordably priced at our store, carbon steel is the ideal construction to get the maximum sharpness out of each cut, before changing out the blade for a fresh working edge. 

We also sell a box kit that offers a selection of several hobby blade shapes and sizes as well as two handles.  This kit allows you to experiment with the different types of hobby blades so you can find the design best suited for your work.  We can also help you find the hobby blade you are looking for if you send us a picture or sketch of the blade shape.  Dimensions of most hobby blades are also available upon request.

Buy Razor Blades Online

    When it comes to buying industrial razor blades people often overlook the possibility to buy razors online.  The Razor Blade Company offers its full selection of razor blades on its online store including a selection of single edge razor blades, hobby blades, injector blades, and slitter blades.  Our two most popular items sold online are the number 9 single edge razor blades with a carbon steel edge and aluminum backing.  These razors can be used for a myriad of applications from opening boxes, to tinting car windows, to shaving wood.  Customer come back time and time again for our single edge razor blade 94-0186 for its competitive price and reliable quality.  For customers that want a step up from the 94-0186, most single edge blade customers opt for our extra sharp 94-307 razor blade that is double honed for extra sharpness.  These blades are also proudly made in the USA, and each blade is printed with a made in USA stamp on the spine of the blade.
    Another popular avenue for online shoppers of razor blades is the hobby blade market.  Hobby blades encompass everything from the fine point of the number 11 hobby blade, to the number 17 chisel edge, and the contoured edge of the number 23 hobby blade.  Need a handle to fit your hobby blade?  Simply ask us which handle will fit your hobby blade or contour blade and we can recommend the right size handle for your blade. 
    Our online store is a popular source for online razor blade purchases because you can easily navigate by blade shape from our homepage.  Furthermore, all in-stock orders placed before noon PST ship the same day.  Need a rush order of razor blades?  We are happy to accommodate next day early am shipping of razor blades as well as will call at our warehouse in Van Nuys within two hours of order confirmation.  Please call ahead for special shipping options.  Furthermore, if you have an account with The Razor Blade Co., you can quickly and easily place an order on our website and select the "Pay by PO" option to have the order billed to your open account. 
    When searching to buy razor blades online, look no further than The Razor Blade Co.'s expansive offering of industrial and hobby razor blades.

Disposable Razor Blades

Disposable Razor BladeBuy Razor Blades for your Health Club or Spa facility that are inexpensive but quality one time use razors.  Providing razor blades for clientele at high end spas, hotels, and health clubs is a standard service that should add to the pampering for your customers.  The Razor Blade Company sells several different types of disposable razor blades for large-scale hospitality usage.  Our blades are made from stainless steel featuring one, two, three, or four blades on a fixed or pivot head razor.  All razors come with a safety cap and some razors are available in individually wrapped plastic pouches.  Our razor blades are made using high quality steel that enables these single-use razors to shave nick-free every time.

            Our customers include Gyms and Health Clubs, Spas, as well as institutional use such as mental health or correctional facilities.  The common factor among these facilities is the need for bulk purchases of single-use disposable razor blades.  Spas and Athletic Clubs opt for our double blade, pivot head razor blade sold 1400 blades in a case.  Correctional facilities favor more our inexpensive white single blade, fixed head razors.  Some Correctional facilities have requested bright colored razor blades, so as to avoid disguising the shaver.  We recommend our pink colored twin blade razors when these factors are a concern.  For high end or multiple shave uses, try our individually wrapped MATRIX razors.  Each razor has 3 blades, a pivot head, safety cap, and grip handle. 

            When looking for razors for large hospitality uses, The Razor Blade Co. has an excellent selection of high quality disposable razor blades.  For full selection or special packaging requests, call us at (310) 452-1034.

Number 11 Razor Blades

          The No. 11 Hobby Blade is perhaps the most well known of all hobby blades.  Most people think of the #11 blade as the X-ACTO blade.  X-ACTO popularized this precision cutting blade shape by first marketing to the medical industry in 1917, and later expanding its market to hobby enthusiasts as a retouching knife.  If you are looking for the traditional X-ACTO knife, you will be satisfied to find our reasonably priced number 11 hobby blades in hundred packs as well as in bulk cases of 1000 blades.  While number 11 razor blades are usually designed from carbon steel, we also offer stainless steel #11 hobby blades for users looking for this high-grade metal.  One of our most popular products, customers come back to the No. 11 blade time and time again because of its simple, well-designed shape that allows for accurate cutting every time.  Such versatile blades, the number eleven razor blades are used by hobby enthusiasts and factories alike.  

                                         Number 11 Hobby Blade with Hobby Handle

                We sell three different hobby handles for the #11 hobby blade.  Our first handle is made completely out of aluminum with no plastic parts and an aluminum four-jaw chuck to hold your blade in place.  This hobby handle holds a variety of small hobby blade types, making it a versatile, long-lasting handle.  Our other two hobby handles come with one number 11 razor blade pre-positioned in the handle and a plastic safety cap.  Our black sure-grip handle provides a cushioned grip for comfort and also fits hobby blades numbers 10, 11, 16, & 17.  Our multicolored grip hobby handles come in blue, red, yellow, and green.  Each of the multicolored hobby handles is displayed on a card for retail sales.

Buying Razor Blades in Bulk

           What does it mean to buy razor blades in bulk? The razor blade co. sells products in cartons, cases, and bulk cartons. For resellers, we recommend purchasing blades sold in cases instead of bulk.  In cases, blades are usually individually wrapped and in many instances the razor blades are packaged 100 blades at a time.  These cartons are placed in a case usually containing 10-50 which is ideal for resellers.  The case and carton packaging is great for getting excellent prices on your razor blades when buying the case, while getting the small cartons which at times are brightly colored and well suited for retail.  

Buy Single Edge Razor Blades in Bulk          On the other hand, bulk packaging means that the blades are unwrapped and are not separated in small cartons; all the blades are bundled in one box. Bulk packages are ideal for factory and warehouse use where there is no need to pay for excess packaging.  Buy razor blades in bulk when you will be going through many blades.  Because bulk razor blades are usually not individually wrapped, users should be sure to have adequate safety procedures in place in order to ensure safe handling procedures.

           Sometimes customers requesting to buy razor blades in bulk are simply asking for large quantity discounts on razor blades.  The Razor Blade Company is set up to ship orders from small to large.  If you are looking for discounts for buying razor blades in bulk, look at our case pricing or call us for an individual quote based on your requirements.  We can set up a blanket order or regular purchasing schedule for your company upon request, ship pallets, or deliver freight internationally.  At the Razor Blade Company you will get the same quality of blades at a cheaper price when ordering your products in bulk.  We are always happy to offer discounts on bulk purchases, simply let us know the products and quantities you are interested in and we will have a custom price quote for you within 24 hours.